A Prayer for Our Homeschooling Children

As we begin our school year those of us who homeschool are looking for renewed spirits and a fresh attitude to guide our children’s education. I hope this prayer helps us surrender our hearts to the Lord in order to better lead our children to Him. Happy homeschooling!

Lord God, gracious father, I praise you for the gift of my children, for all their gifts and talents, and for all their weaknesses. Thank You for giving me these children to guide and teach, thank You for creating my children as unique persons with unique minds and hearts.

Lord, please pour Your graces upon me today as I teach my children; give me Your patience, Your love, and Your peace. Help me teach from the confidence that Your Spirit is at work in every subject, every book, every exercise.

Lord, I surrender all my desires for control over every moment of the day, from all I want my children to get done, from all the frustrations that get in the way of checking things off my unending list. Grant me the eyes of faith to see that my relationship with my children and their relationship with You is more important than math. Bless me with the virtue of perseverance as I strive to grow in consistency and wisdom every school day.

Blessed Mother, I entrust to you my children and my day, please intercede for us to your Son. Help me imitate you and your constant love for your Son in your home in Nazareth. Intercede for each of my children today, for their learning, for their struggles, for them to always draw closer to your Son.

Help me Lord to live in the present moment today, to recognize Your presence in my home and in our family, and to do the work of educating my children with a joyful heart.

And most importantly, Jesus let me love with Your heart.

I ask this all in Your most holy name. Amen.

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Written by Christy Isinger. Find out more abut her here.

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