A Perfect Paradox

Family can be a perfect paradox. We toil endlessly for the benefit of our family. Yet, we so often convince ourselves that the individuals with whom we share our lives are more trouble than blessing.

Babies cry, toddlers test and cry, kids test, teenagers further test and eventually cry, husbands need, and even the extended family has its own wants and needs. And, in the middle of all of this mess, all of these people are hungry and want to eat more than one meal a week. Absurd!

As the old adage goes “you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your…” Well, as a mom of boys well versed in all parts that can be picked, I’ll spare you the ending.

Amusement aside, it is nevertheless true. We cannot choose our families. And those within our home can be a source of stress, no matter our role within the family structure, whether a child or parent. Familiarity breeds contempt. Yet, despite it all, there is no greater gift (other than the greatest gift on Gethsemane) that God has bestowed upon us other than the gift of family.

These individuals in our lives know absolute everything about us– our triumphs, but mostly our sins and failures– and yet, they choose to love us any way. What is more humbling than this?

God has placed each person in our lives with purpose. They may be our lesson in patience (or, which is most likely the case with all of those within my relation), we are (I am) their lesson in patience. Each interaction with the members of our family is an opportunity to grow in holiness and virtue.

As God, the master craftsman, has hand-picked these souls to be in our lives, these are lessons that he has specifically chosen for our salvation.


Emily is a wife and mother to two hungry boys, and loves to bake and talk too much (one look at her 2nd grade report card will prove that old habits die hard). She writes about life, and mostly food, on her blog, Bacon is the Way to Happiness.

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