The 2019 Blessed is She Catholic Advent Journal for Women: All The Generations

advent journal for women catholic 2019

Where we come from matters. Despite our experience of family life, our origin stories play a large role in who we are today. What our grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, and great-great-great-great-great grandmothers lived through greatly influences the course of our own lives. The story of our family—for better or worse—is also our story. It was the same for Jesus.

Family Matters

The story of Salvation History really walks us through the building and cultivating of God’s family, culminating in the Incarnation of God Himself. When we read the Old Testament, we get to shake hands with Jesus’ family—the men and women who came before Him, paving His way. These aren’t irrelevant details in the life of Christ. On the contrary, the events in the life of His ancestors profoundly influenced His hidden life, His public ministry, and even His salvation of the world.

And while many parts of God’s family’s story are beautiful and faithful, there’s a lot of mess, too. So if you feel like your family is less-than-holy, you’re not alone. So was Christ’s. There are murderers and adulterers and liars and cheaters and cowards in Jesus’ earthly family. And yet God used them to construct the most incredible story ever lived.

Knowing Jesus’ Family, Knowing Our Own Families

It is with this knowledge that we at Blessed is She set out to craft this year’s Advent Journal. At the heart of All the Generations, you’ll find Scripture that introduces you to the lineage of Jesus and encouragement to reflect on and pray for your own family.

Family life is beautiful and difficult, and God is no stranger to that. In this Advent Journal, we will walk by His side—and alongside one another—through the story of His family. We will talk with Him about our own families’ stories and how they have influenced our life. We’ll bring our hurts to the mercy of His Heart. We’ll entrust any division, brokenness, wounds, and unforgiveness to the promise of His redemption.

If Jesus can bring Resurrection from His own imperfect family, He can certainly do the same in ours.

If Jesus can bring Resurrection from His own imperfect family, He can certainly do the same in ours. #BISblog // Click To Tweet

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All the Generations Advent Journal

So what can you expect from this year’s Advent Journal? Well, the first new surprise is that it is not only a journal for the Advent season. All the Generations takes us through both the Advent and Christmas seasons! For years, you all have asked for a prayer resource for Christmas as well, and we’re thrilled that this journal will help you continue to pray through the joy of the coming of the newborn King.

The Writers

This year’s Advent Journal is written by the entire Blessed is She team. Each day is written by a different woman, allowing multiple perspectives shine through.

The Rhythm

Every day, there is a different Scripture passage about the events of God’s family: from Genesis to you.

We start in the beginning, and build toward the coming of Christ in history.

You’ll have space to reflect on some questions that are provided for you. You can use these questions during your individual prayer time, or as a part of a small group if you’re praying through this journal with others.

Then, you’ll find a short reflection written by a Blessed is She writer.

Finally, each day closes in a prayer, specifically for our families. It’s no secret that all of our families, in some capacity, are in need of healing. We don’t always ask God to move in mighty ways in the midst of our family pain. This Advent, while we lean on Our Blessed Mother and one another, we’re going to do just that.

Will You Pray with Us this Advent and Christmas?

We would love to pray along side you this Advent as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, and to bear witness with you to His glory in the Christmas season. Would you please walk this journey with us?

Grab All the Generations here, and let’s get to praying for our families. 
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