Praying with Mary through May: Community in the Rosary

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Years ago, when I was in my 20’s, my life was not where I’d dreamt it would be. I was still single, hoping for happier future, and often felt depressed and lost. A group of my friends and I started “rosary nights.”  We would get together with food, our troubles, and each other. We would pray the Rosary together.

We still do.

Here are five reasons why we love our Rosary group – and highly recommend you start one, too.

  1. Friend Therapy: Before praying the Rosary, we would each take a turn naming our intentions.  When we first started, most of us were having quite a hard time understanding “why” we were in certain situations and enduring certain heartaches. Saying our intentions out loud often led to great discussions among people who truly cared for one another. Lots of listening, advice giving and tears were shed.  All of it was therapeutic. Bonds of trust and friendship were formed in ways only pray allows. It still provides a safe place for each of us to discuss our greatest challenges – and enables us to hand them over to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.
  2. The Promises of Our Lady to those who recite the Rosary: Ideally, I know I should pray the Rosary on my own, daily. Realistically, it doesn’t happen all that often. I know this is something in my life that needs work. But in the mean time, planning Rosary Group with friends gets me to pray the Rosary more than I would if this group didn’t exist. And Our Lady has made twelve promises to those who recite the Rosary in a devout way! Some of those promises include: receiving signal graces, help lift our hearts to desire eternal things rather than worlds, obtaining what we ask for, and receiving Our Lady’s special protection and greatest graces
  3. You gain the merits of each person’s Rosary: Saint Louis Marie de Montfort wrote a book titled The Secret of the Rosary. In this work, Saint Louis gives numerous reasons and benefits to praying the Rosary in a group. Saint Louis said it is better to pray the Rosary with a group than alone. One reason is simply because our minds are far more alert during public prayer than when we pray alone. Other reasons include that when we pray in a group, the prayer of each one belongs to all.

    “We make one great prayer together, so that if one person is not praying well, someone else in the same gathering who prays better may make up for his deficiency. In this way, those who are strong uphold the weak. Those who are fervent inspire the lukewarm. One who says his Rosary alone only gains the merit of that one Rosary. But if he says it together with others, he gains the merit of each Rosary. This is the law of public prayer.” Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

    Gaining the merits of each Rosary helps me make up for the days I didn’t get to saying it!

  4.  The Rosary is a form of meditation: The benefits of meditation extend to every aspect of our health – physical, mental and emotional. In other words, it’s so good for you! Scientific studies have shown that those who meditate decrease stress, improve their immune systems and even achieve better academically. Meditation has even been effective in helping addicts overcome addiction. Meditation also helps those who have been diagnosed with ADHD. It lowers the risk of heart disease and improves blood pressure! There are studies upon studies that show the benefits of meditation. It’s a scientific fact — it’s good for you!
  5. It’s a break from all of life’s work: Planning this time on the calendar is important. Since people you love – who are in need of prayers – are often requesting the group meet, the event gets a level of importance and prominence on the calendar. When one of the women in the group calls and says, “I need to pray,” you make arrangements to get there – with or without kids. When you plan for a weeknight, and get the opportunity to “get away,” it really is a refreshing, re-charging evening. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with friends and enjoy adult company. And if there is no one to watch the children – bring them. It’s worth it.

Amy Brooks is a happy wife and mom, an adoption and pro-life advocate and writer at prayerwinechocolate.com. Amy finds great comfort, guidance and joy in her faith, friends, family and yes, wine and chocolate!

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