Want Blessed is She to come to you?

Because we really want to.

We’re always looking for new and exciting places to take our weekend retreats.

And we think your town could be our next stop.

Check out how the experience was for Christy:

As the Adult Faith Coordinator for our Parish I did not really have a clue who Blessed Is She was or what they were all about. Honestly, I was just thrilled they were coming because it meant an awesome retreat for the women of our Parish and awesome speakers that normally our parish would not have been able to afford. The Blessed Is She staff went from strangers to friends in a matter of a day. They each had a passion for their faith and were exploding with love and energy to share God’s love that was contagious. Towards the end of the retreat I realized for me personally that this ministry was reaching people of every age but more importantly it was reaching young adults and young moms. This was an area that as an adult faith coordinator I realized I was not hitting. God really used the retreat to open my eyes to ways I could better serve His people and we have since started Blessed Is She Gatherings at our Parish.

// Christy, Retreat Site Coordinator

You deserve a retreat. Let's make it happen.

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