Made New: 52 Devotions for Catholic Women

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Welcome to Made New: 52 Devotions for Catholic Women, weekly Scripture, reflections, and questions for women wanting to go deeper into who they are.

We wrote this book on identity to nestle in deeper to our identity in God, to examine ten unique time periods in our five writers’ lives, and breathe these truths deeply. Their heart-hurts, their lessons sorted out in the nooks and crannies of their families and friends, their unseen growth and hidden triumphs in various circumstances assure the reader that she, too, is safe to tuck into God’s arms for courage and comfort.

Five themes about identity explored include:

beheld // dispelling the myth of our value being contingent on external accomplishments // we find our worth in God’s love for us
belong // dispelling the myth of the approval of others dictating our being seen // we belong to God’s family
beloved // dispelling the myth of our lovability being contingent on how others treat us // we are unconditionally loved by God
believing // dispelling the myth of being unseen or unsuccessful except by the world’s standards // we find ourselves in our faith in God
becoming // dispelling the myth that your success comes from the world’s view of you // God asks you to follow His plan for your life to become the saint He’s desiring you to be

Dedicate this new year in 2022 to God, to being His, and to knowing yourself more fully as His very own.

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Published in collaboration with Harper Collins // Thomas Nelson

Authors: Nell O’Leary, Brittany Calavitta, Leana Bowler, Jenna Guizar, and Liz Kelly
Theological Editor: Susanna Spencer, MA in Theology
Design: Ash Ulmer