Loving God, Loving Others: 52 Devotions to Create Connections that Last

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When is the last time you examined the depths of your relationships? Our new book Loving God, Loving Others: 52 devotions to create lasting connections will help you look through all different sides of your relationship with God and others. Featuring our deep-dive journey, this devotional walks you through six rungs of relationships from God to work and provides comfort, challenges, and joy on every step of your transformation. 

This devotions book doesn’t just ask questions but encourages us to seek answers from the divine. Learn to hear God’s calling in every twist and turn in your relationships – no matter who you interact with! From families of origin to friends, learn how each relationship informs a larger understanding of yourself and our loving creator. 

Learn more about yourself than ever before as we journey together through these 52 devotions designed to deepen connections. With insight into both sides of challenges and joy in our relationships with everyone around us, the Loving God book provide the tools necessary for an engaging spiritual adventure. Pick up a copy today!

Product Features

  • Learn how to have lasting relationships with God and others
  • Get a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and God
  • Grow in your walk with God as you learn from real-life stories
  • Gain insight into the different types of relationships you have
  • Better understanding how to navigate through difficult relationships