Emmanuel: A Christmas Feast Devotional

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This Christmas season, we invite you to feast along with the Universal Church and celebrate the titles of Jesus Christ in this new book offering, Emmanuel: A Christmas Feast by Laura Kelly Fanucci. It’s the perfect way to dive deeper into Who Jesus is throughout the Christmas season.

You are offered twenty-three names of Jesus to learn more about. Every day for the entire season of Christmas, spanning Christmas to the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, follows the same cadence:

+ A carefully selected Scripture passage that celebrates a different name for Jesus;
+ An original daily prayer;
+ A reflection on this name; and
+ A hymn or sermon from the early Church to deepen our reflection on the day’s name for Jesus.

Also included are feast day ideas using all of five senses to fully integrate this celebratory season into our lives.

Complete with six original full-color paintings depicting Jesus in His various roles, this beautiful hardcover book is a treasure for you and your loved ones to enjoy year after year.

Details: 9.5x11.5, hardcover, full color printing on glossy pages

Beautiful art painted by Jess of The Living Heart Co, and laid out and designed by Michelle Slough.