Burn Virtual Women's Retreat


Feel the peace and presence of God never like before with the BURN Virtual Retreat, designed to create a special spiritual environment in the comfort of your own home. With beautiful talks, worship, and invitations to engage intimately with Jesus in the Eucharist, this retreat will bring you an experience unlike any other.

Transform your daily routine into a precious time of prayer and contemplation. Receive exclusive access to three keynote talks focusing on the Retreat theme and reconnect with meaningful laughter, joy, and connection. Followed up by some helpful reflective journaling questions perfect for both solo contemplation or small group discussions over Zoom.

Bring life-changing transformation into your own home. Experience spiritual growth while actively engaging in thoughtful discussions and activities as you deep dive into authentic relationships that honor God's divine love among His people. Sign up now and invite friends along - it's a powerful experience when we do it together!


  • Set aside time to be with Jesus in the Eucharist.
  • Three Key note talks from the Burn Retreat.
  • Prayer and worship cultivate a quiet space in your heart to surrender to God all that you're holding.
  • Time for journaling with reflection questions you could easily do with a friend.
  • Optional Zoom rooms for small group breakouts