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Let’s walk through being beheld by our Creator.

Invite God to make you new.

If you are struggling with the myth of your unworthiness, the myth that your value is conditional upon your accomplishments, let’s walk through being beheld by our Creator.


You feel like you have to perform well and be a “good” daughter in order to earn God’s love. You find yourself withholding in prayer and conversation with God because you don’t want to look like you haven’t figured it all out. When you make a mistake, you’re embarrassed to let Him into the mess of it.


God Our Father loves us and values us enough to send His Only Son to die for each one of us like we are only children. God isn’t tallying your accomplishments or grading our lives like a performance. We are given the gift of Him and His love unconditionally. It’s not about being worthy; it’s about being His daughter no matter what.

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As you pursue growth in your identity, know that you are not alone. You can invite God into your challenges and ask Him to make you new. The Made New Devotional is a tool to help you walk through that process while you relate to your sisters in the faith.