With our lives we shout:

The Eucharist is Real.

Our mission at Blessed is She is to be women whose hearts burn with love for Jesus Christ Himself in the Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist.

Join us.

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We want to be changed.

The heart of Blessed is She is the Eucharist.

But what is the Eucharist, you might ask? 

How does it change my life?


The Body and Blood of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament changes hearts.


Let's get in front of our Lord so we can be changed by Him.


Our families, our relationships, and our communities are transformed.

What is the eucharist?

The gift of the Eucharist is the common denominator of every great Saint. This is what they longed for and it changed their life. It will change yours, too.

What does that mean for me?

There are many ways for you to cultivate a Eucharistic heart, and we want to help you do that.

Read through / print out / use any of the following resources:

Click here to read all our posts & devotions where we share our heart for the Eucharist.

This post on Three Prayers to Say After Receiving Communion is particularly helpful and beautiful.

Let's walk together.

Our Blessed is She team has not only worked for years with hundreds of women starting and cultivating events, small groups, and more, but our focus is first and foremost on the Lord Himself.

We cannot serve from an empty cup, so we go to Him as our First Love, and only then can we be His vessels out in the world.

We offer prayer for and support to Community Group Leaders, parish coordinators, and more to cultivate a Eucharistic Heart.

Join or start a small group in your community.

We know revival begins in our own hearts.

What women say about Dwell


This study is AMAZING! Intelligent, convicting and inspiring! You will experience a deeper conversion into your love for the Eucharist. Thank you BIS! Another stellar devotional!


So beautiful! Our Lord would be proud of the absolute truths and beauty of this study. I have just started and feel closer to our Eucharistic Lord with the turn of each page. Well done!


Got this study for our local women’s community group and it’s such a gift! It’s really helping us dive deeper with each other and individually, as well as connect with the Eucharistic Heart of Christ. It’s also giving us language to how to be open to more profound graces as we encounter the Eucharist in our lives!

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