Your Call, Your Dignity

Throughout life we experience a variety of callings.

During my twenties, a personal call I experienced was to serve in lay ministry for the Church, one I continue to this day. Saint Teresa of Calcutta experienced a “call within in a call” to go and found the Missionaries of Charity. Servant of God Dorothy Day experienced a call to found The Catholic Worker Movement. Many of us experience calls in our careers, vocations, and creative pursuits. Sacred Scripture is full of stories of women and men who experience a call upon their life.

Saint Paul challenges the Christians in Ephesus to “live in a manner worthy of the call you have received” (Ephesians 4:1)What is this “call” that he speaks of?

Through Jesus Christ we have worth, identity, and dignity. As women, we are called daughters of the Most High God. By the grace of our Baptism and Confirmation, we are called to holiness and share our role in the priesthood of all believers. Each of us is called by Jesus to be priest, prophet, and king; a call upon our life.

This “call” that Saint Paul speaks of is exactly that—the membership we have been given in the Body of Christ. When we know who we are before God, it changes how we live our lives and treat other people. It affects how we serve our neighbor, carry ourselves in our careers, and spend our time.

Sisters, live your life in a such a way that reflects the call God has had for you as He held you in mind from all eternity. Know who you are before the Father and live out of those truths, all of them.

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Spend some time in prayer today reflecting on the various calls in your life: How have you seen God move in them? How is He using you?

Patty Breen is a full-time lay minister who finds joy in running, strong cups of coffee, and all things Ignatian spirituality. A Midwest gal from the mitten state, she is constantly learning to find grace in all things. She is passionate about ministry to divorced Catholic and women whose relationships have been impacted by sexual addiction. Find out more about her here.

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