Unrealistic Expectations

A few years ago, I had one of those few moments of clarity amidst chaos and pain.  Sitting in Mass, I was made aware of the fact that I had been relying on my husband for everything.  Our marriage was strong, but I was expecting him to be my source of joy.  He was my help and my shield, and all my trust was placed in him.

I had such unrealistic expectations of this man in the flesh. When life got me down, I turned to him and was, of course, frustrated by his inability to fix it.

Where was God in this? He was waiting patiently for me to begin a practice of turning to Himself instead. I was a spiritual infant. Turning then to my Father, and placing my trust in Him, leaning on Him, and seeking Him as my source of joy, has allowed me to more fully grow in Him. The process of turning away from things and people in this world as my source of joy has brought with it abundant grace.

Paul warns us against being a fleshly people, jealous, and unable to take the solid spiritual food. Look at your relationships with others. We are merely God’s field, and our leaders are co-workers of the Lord, but it is only God who causes our growth, and heals our sickness. We can’t rely on even our brothers and sisters in Christ to do that. Our soul waits for the LORD, for He is our help and our shield, and it is in HIM our hearts rejoice.

Do you rejoice in Him or in others?  In whom do you place your trust?  Upon whom do you rely upon for your joy?  Do you blame those around you or seek fleshly solutions when things fail to go your way?  Do you trust in Him or have you placed your faith in things of this world? 

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MaryRuth Hackett is a full-time wife and mother doing her best to teach her four children to love God and country. You can find out more about her here.

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