The Timeless

“He has put the timeless into their hearts…”

It’s easy to feel small. I mean, we are small, comparatively. We live tiny existence’s in the middle of tiny minutes and tiny hours, in the ocean of human history. But we know there is something in us that is more powerful than the parameters of time, aging and death, and that contradicts our smallness. He has put the Timeless in our hearts. He has given us the ability to know and embrace and love the Infinite. Do you still feel small? You shouldn’t.

I read the following earlier this week, and I think it’s perfect for this (from an anonymous Christian writer),

“Consider that man’s heart is no small thing, for it can embrace so much. Do not measure its greatness by its physical dimensions, but by the power of its thought, whereby it is able to attain the knowledge of so many truths. In the heart it is possible to prepare the way of the Lord, to lay out a straight path where the Word and the Wisdom of God may pass. With your honorable conduct and your irreproachable deeds, prepare the Lord’s way, smooth out his path so that the Word of God may act in you without hindrance and give you the knowledge of his mysteries and of his coming.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Your heart is capable of so very much. When you feel small and silly, think back to this. He has put Timelessness into your heart. He has made us capable, like St Peter, of knowing who He is – the Christ of God.

To the same heart that is weakened and aged by time, He has given the whole of Eternity.


Blythe Fike is the wife of Kirby and mother of 5 smallish kids. She homeschools and loves the quiet life in small town SoCal. You can find out more about her here.

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