The Transformative Love of Christ

I love today’s First Reading because it shows two different examples of living out the faith. First, you have Tabitha. She went about her days completely occupied with good deeds. The widows were filled with grief but still had to show Saint Peter the tunics Tabitha made them. (Acts 9:39)

I’m moved by the affection everyone had for her. I get a picture of a soul that served others without any fanfare or desire to be praised. She quietly toiled and loved. As a result, she had a lasting effect on the people around her.

On the other side of the spectrum sits Saint Peter. He also toiled and loved but in a more dramatic and public way. This man who once denied Jesus and hid in a room after His death was walking through the streets proclaiming the Gospel, curing the sick and even miraculously raising the dead. It is absolutely amazing to see the power of the Holy Spirit at work!

When I read these stories I tend to think, wow, these followers of Christ are incredible! They must have been born like that . . . as if that explains why I’m nothing like them. I forget that these Apostles and the Saints we read about weren’t automatically born saintly. They were flesh and blood humans with the same struggles, doubts, and faults that we experience. We have a pretty good glimpse at just what Saint Peter was like before the love of Christ transformed him.

We are called to embrace this transformative love of Christ. It will not only change our life but the lives of those around us. Whether our call is the quiet service of Tabitha or the missionary work of Saint Peter, it takes work, diligence, humility, and a charitable heart to truly be a disciple of God. That is a daunting prospect, but thankfully, God’s grace abounds, particularly when it is most needed.

When I am fed up at home or frustrated with someone I’m working with or dragging my feet instead of stepping outside my comfort zone for God, I must remember that it’s okay to feel upset or reluctant but Love changes hearts. God’s grace helps me offer up the little crosses and be brave in my actions because I, too, am a disciple of Christ.

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Is there an area where you struggle to follow Christ? Kneel before Our Lord and ask His transformative Love to heal and strengthen you.

Bobbi Rol is a wife, mama and blogger living on the Monterey Bay in CA with her husband, teen daughter, and three rambunctious boys. When she is not dodging light sabers or stepping on Legos, she can be found outside with her family, catching a late night movie, or decorating her planner. You can find out more about her here.

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    amber jade
    July 23, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    what bible verses do these relate to?

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