The Reckless Love of God

“It is the Lord” (John 21:7).

This might be my favorite descriptor in all of Scripture: Saint Peter, here, in the Gospel of John, “tucking in his garments, for he was lightly clad” and leaping headlong into the sea for his Lord, his love.

The same Peter who almost drowned the first time he tried hopping out of his boat to get to Jesus. The same Peter who’d only recently denied Him thrice on the eve of His trial and crucifixion. The same Peter who, apparently after three entire years of ministry and miracles, had taken up fishing again. And not the kind God had had in mind. Was Peter brokenhearted after his denial of Jesus? Almost certainly. Was he feeling unworthy of the call that he had received, unsure how to proceed after the horrific events at Calvary? I’m guessing yes, very possibly.

And yet here is Peter with his big lover’s heart, leaping into the boat, soaking his garments, running to Jesus with reckless abandon when he realizes to Whom he speaks.

I can scarcely imagine what that might have felt like, the frantic joy and the anxiety he must have felt realizing that here it was: his second chance.

He didn’t let guilt or shame or disappointment hold him back. Knowing fully who he was and what he’d done, he tucked in his garments and jumped into the sea. It was Jesus. Nothing else mattered.

Don’t ever let shame, fear, or guilt keep you from acting on this kind of reckless love, sister. He longs to meet you and welcome you back with open arms, just as He welcomed Peter that morning on that beach, all those years ago.

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Jenny Uebbing is a wife, mother to five, and the author of the blog Mama Needs Coffee where she writes about sex, marriage, and the Catholic Church. She’s a freelance writer, a speaker, and an espresso enthusiast. You can find out more about her here

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    Jacqueline Renteria
    April 26, 2019 at 11:07 am

    I love this! “Children, have you caught anything to eat?” John 22:5

    Jesus knows when we need him, yet he still asks us. This scripture is such a great reminder of his longing to quench our thirst. He wants us to only seek him.

    Thank you for your beautiful insight!

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