The Divinity of Generations

Two years ago, I made the decision to attend college in Washington D.C., across the country from everyone I knew and loved. After much crying in my car, He spoke gently to me in a moment of clarity, where I became aware that He was calling me into unknown depth.

Overwhelmed with fears and doubts, I pressed on in transparent prayer and the Father simply asked for my time. For me, this time marked a season of creative remembrance, where in the waiting for His plans to unfold, I was awakened by the memory of His faithfulness. I began to understand that the same Light that prophesied over Israel and fulfilled promises in the Gospel would see me through. This tension between remembrance and waiting instilled in me a firm understanding that God has never stopped creating.

Today’s readings revolve around the process of God fulfilling prophecy through the nativity of Saint John the Baptist. They show that God has always asked His chosen ones to consent to His will, and uses them to keep His promises. In this we are called to receive the tension of the past alongside the future to live in the present. The Father constructs the rich history of our lives upon the past in our lifetimes, which affects lives after ours, further serving the Kingdom.

Sisters, what would change about our day-to-day lives if we became aware that we are instrumental in fulfilling the Divine promises of the Father?

Placing ourselves under His authority, we learn how to sing the song that God has been singing over us for generations, through all of time. Then we see the precious gravity of individual moments, even when we are in the midst of the unraveling.

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Father, may we walk in both remembrance and anticipation of Your perfect will, and know that we are invited into Your Heavenly promises.

Sarah Erickson is a politics pre-law major at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Born and raised in Arizona, she finds great joy in mountains, lattes, American history, and the piano. She is constantly discovering Christ’s wild love in the little things. You can find out more about her here.

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