The Boldness of Saint Stanislaus

Today’s readings are bursting with spiritual goodness—but today is also the memorial of Saint Stanislaus, bishop and martyr, and this reflection focuses on him.

Saint Stanislaus was born in Poland in the year 1030. After receiving his education in his early life, he was ordained a priest and then ordained as the bishop of Krakow years later. There was an inordinate amount of corruption happening in the government at the time—and Stanislaus took a bold and outspoken stand against it. When the king would not change his ways from his corruption, Stanislaus ultimately excommunicated him. Enraged by this decision, the king killed Stanislaus with his own hands. The cost for Stanislaus of speaking up and standing for God was his life. He is now the patron saint of Poland.

In learning about Saint Stanislaus, I was convicted of how deeply our bishops need prayers for this level of boldness and strength in our world today—the same level of boldness exhibited by the Apostles in today’s Reading. (Acts 5:25) With the amount of injustice being carried out in our communities, cities, and around the globe, our bishops need continual prayers for courage to rise up and live with the bravery of Saint Stanislaus.

On this memorial of Saint Stanislaus, will you join me in taking a few moments to pray for your bishop today? If you don’t know who the bishop of your diocese is, you can find him online! They need our ceaseless prayers and support in living a life of holiness and valor like that of Saint Stanislaus. I pray that our bishops may live without fear of leading us, guiding us, and doing what is right in the sight of God.

(An example prayer for bishops: God, eternal shepherd, You tend Your Church in many ways and rule us with love. You have chosen your servant, N., to be a shepherd of your flock. Give him a spirit of courage and right judgment, a spirit of knowledge and love. By governing with fidelity those entrusted to his care, may he build Your Church as a sign of salvation for the world.)

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May God bestow upon our bishops all the graces needed to carry out their beautiful and challenging role in our Church!

Emily Wilson-Hussem planned her whole life to become a sports reporter but turned out to be a Catholic musician and speaker at the hand of God. She lives out of her suitcase and travels across the world speaking to people of all ages. The heart of her ministry is offering encouragement to teen girls in search of their true identity, and she loves every second of it. She is the author of I Choose the Sky. You can find out more about her here.

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    April 11, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    This was a wonderful reflection–thanks for sharing! WE also need to be bold. We trust in our leaders and pray for them, but we are called to a boldness which is uncomfortable and can even lead to division. I’ve been reading about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. following the anniversary of his death, He did not create unity in his own time, he spoke the truth and it jeopardized his safety and created division in our country which was also true for St. Stanislaus. I think in an age of fracture we’re frightened to add to the noise, but called to act with courage and charity in the large and small moments of our lives.

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