Seek to Touch Him

There is perhaps no greater drama during the earthly ministry of Christ as those moments when He is approached for healing. Throughout the Gospels we hear of the lowly going to extreme measures – being lowered through a roof, squeezing through crowds, breeching societal norms – just to seek to touch Him. We hear passionate cries from those in need of saving:

“Jesus, son of David, have pity on me!”

“Only say the word and my servant shall be healed.”

“Yes, Lord, I believe that you can do this.”

The last line of today’s Gospel illustrates the same truth. And all the crowd sought to touch him, for power came forth from him and healed them all.” 

All the crowd sought to touch Him. They knew who was in their midst. They recognized that He, in fact, is the son of David, the one promised to them. They had realized the healing power of Jesus, and they were not afraid to approach Him for that healing. Come hell or high water, they were going to get to their Jesus.

Do we approach the Lord with that same audacity? Do we come to Him in fervor, in urgency, in confidence? Do we bring our ugliest, dirtiest, most helpless wounds before Him, exposed and vulnerable? Do we unabashedly proclaim our faith in Him and then stake our whole being on that faith?

I know I don’t always do those things. Many times I make excuses to avoid such intimacy with Our Creator. Oh, He’s too busy worrying about other events and people, my little matter is insignificant. Yeah, I’m really not as wounded as some other people so I’m just fine right here. Mmmm, if I let Him in on that little part of my heart, then He’ll probably want to change it. As if He isn’t all-powerful, all-good, and all-knowing.

So friends, let us be bold in our requests of the Lord today. Let us recognize that He is the Savior. Let us seek to touch Him, confident in His care, His unmatched love, and His ability to heal us all, and all that is within us. Let us cry out with the same impassioned desperation as those who first experienced the saving power of the Word made flesh. And let us never grow weary in beckoning Him to be the Lord of our life.


Olivia Spears is a middle school religion teacher turned SAHM who is married to her high school best friend. You can find out more about her here.

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