O Mary, Mother of God

Happy Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

On this Holy Day of Obligation, at Mass you will hear the priest pray these words of the Preface just before the Eucharistic Prayer:

For today the Virgin Mother of God was assumed into heaven as the beginning and image of your Church’s coming to perfection and a sign of sure hope and comfort to your pilgrim people; rightly you would not allow her to see the corruption of the tomb since from her own body she marvelously brought forth your incarnate Son, the Author of all life.” (Luke 1:46-55)

O Virgin Mother of God, assumed into Heaven, pray for me!

O Mary, you are the beginning of the Church’s coming to perfection. The Church is struggling on Earth today, but you, the Mother of the Church, are the beginning of the Church’s holiness. Help me to be pure and holy.

O Mary, you are the image of the Church’s coming to perfection. We fix our gaze on your body and soul assuming into Heaven so that it might be united to the body and soul of your beloved Son who ascended into Heaven. Lead me to my home with you in heaven.

O Mary, you are our sign of sure hope and comfort. No matter how lost I may be on my pilgrim journey on Earth, bring me your peace. Be my hope in the darkness and comfort in the pain.

O Mary, you did not see the corruption of the tomb because you did not have the corruption of sin. Pray for me, a sinner, and be with me at the hour of my death when I see the corruption of the tomb.

O Mary, you brought forth the Author of all life. Bring forth the Author of life into my sin and pain. Bring Jesus to me so that I may have new life.

O Mary, you are blessed among all women. Help me to always rejoice in God my Savior.

O Mary, the Almighty has done great things for you. Give me eyes to see the great things He has done for me.

O Mary, Gate of Heaven, pray for me!

As you enjoy this day prayer and rest, I encourage you to set aside time to pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, especially meditating on the fourth decade, the Assumption of Mary.

Rose Coleman is a contemplative in action who delights in all things beautiful. Her adventurous heart has traveled many places—from circumnavigating the globe on a ship during college to some years in the convent as a religious sister. Exuberant from her childhood, she is an elementary school teacher who learns so much from her students. You can find out more about her here.

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