Now Is the Acceptable Time

I am a chronic procrastinator. This is especially true when I am faced with a daunting task. Teach myself a new skill I’m itching to learn? I must find the right method! Begin a new exercise program after a long time away from the gym? Um, I’m just not feeling up to it today (or ever). Embark on a room renovation in my home? The weather will be better for that next week.

I’ve got a whole pack of excuses I can cull from. I see the myriad of steps it takes to get from A to Z, and I’ve given up before I’ve even begun.

Our pilgrimage to Heaven is another one of those formidable tasks that is ever so tempting to delay for another day. Developing an ever-deeper relationship with our loving God can just be put off until tomorrow . . . and tomorrow . . . and tomorrow. He will always be there, right?

I’ll just go on living the life I desire. God and His laws will be on my radar when I’m ready for them further down the road. I need to live out the pleasures of my college years! When I’m settled down with a husband, should be good timing. Or, you know, I’ll just wait until I’ve raised these children and they’re out of my hair.

While it is true that God will always be there waiting whenever I deign to find a moment to turn to Him, what He desires is to be a part of my life now. As Saint Paul reminded the Corinthians, NOW is the perfect moment—now is the acceptable time. (2 Corinthians 6:2)

Make that time for Him today—and every day—to hear His voice, to follow His promptings, to live your life in Him. Do not gamble with your salvation as Saint Constantine did, putting off his baptism until the last possible moment, delaying the living out of a truly Christian life, in the hopes that there will always be tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come.

To find true happiness and joy in this life and the next, allow Him to awaken your heart now and always with His love. Whatever else you may find yourself procrastinating with, don’t let the Lord find Himself on that list.

Have you been putting the Lord off recently? Take a moment today to speak with Him, and resolve (even schedule!) to make a daily encounter with Him. 

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Laurel Muff is a creator and appreciator of beautiful things. She resides with her husband and daughters in Northern California. You can find more about her here.

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    November 24, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Hi.. I loved you message.. really needed to hear this at this stage of my life..thank you..

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