Not Now, God; You’re Crazy

I don’t know if you have a toddler or if you’ve ever spent much time around them, but boy, it is just one long negotiation. Am I right?

You ask them to do one thing, they make up an excuse as to why it needs to be done a different way and when you disagree, they throw a fit.

The same can also be said about teenagers.

And, well, us.

How often do you negotiate with God on His timing? Not now, God, I just started a new job. Not now, God, I just had a baby. Not now, God, my spouse just lost his job. Not now, God, we just lost everything.

Let me translate all that for you. What we’re really saying is, “Not now, God, I don’t trust you. Plus, your plans are crazy anyway.

Believe me, I’ve shared those words (plus a few more) with God on a number of occasions. We just want life to be on our timeline, don’t we? We’re like the mom at the end of the day who just wants to get through her ‘to-do’ list before calling it a night.

Yet, God doesn’t want what’s left. He wants it all. He wants us to listen to His plan for our lives, follow Him with a gentle obedience and proclaim, with joy, His message of redemption, mercy and love. He actually calls us out and says, “Follow me.” (Luke 9:59)

Thanks for the low expectations, Lord.

But you know what the really cool part is? He believes in us. He believes we can say yes, even in the direst of circumstances. His promises aren’t full of tantrums and eye rolls. They’re full of truth and eternity.

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The next time you feel like you just can’t do it anymore, take a glance up at that crucifix. His arms are outstretched in love, just for you.

Kathryn Whitaker is a former agricultural communications consultant turned mom and freelance graphic designer. She’s a fifth-generation Texan who found the love of her life on a blind date at Texas A&M. She and her husband, Scott, have six kids, teen to toddler. Find out more about her here.

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