The Nativity of the Lord



Take this moment for joy.

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Today is the day we put too many expectations on ourselves, our family, our food, our presents, and our traditions. Maybe you’re reading this because you’re up early trying to get the last bit of magic set up or perhaps it’s the afternoon and you’re escaping to a bedroom or bathroom because something has gone wrong and you just need a break.

Take this moment for joy. Forget everything that we try to make the holidays into. Forget everything that ruins our plans. Take this moment to remember a a little baby given to a little family. A family that was poor and seemingly insignificant. A family who had nothing, not even a safe room to sleep in. That little baby was a promise fulfilled and a gift given to you and me.

No matter what worked or didn’t work today. No matter who was less than appreciative or grumpy. No matter what was given and received we have all received the great gift in the world.

Take this moment for joy—not in the trimmings and trappings, but in that little miracle lying in a manager so long ago. He is gift for you and me and as the song says, “Let every heart prepare him room,” because He is the joy of the world.

Molly Walter is a wife, mother and homemaker (with a pesky job outside the home).  She writes at Molly Makes Do about making the life she wants with the life she’s been given. You can find out more about her here.

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