Mission Not-So-Impossible

I can still remember the disappointment I felt as the woman I had spoken with walked away. She was sharing about a problem and my first instinct was to share something about God and His mercy with her, but I hesitated. I didn’t know her well and I worried she’d think I was weird. The words were on the tip of my tongue, but I lost my moment.

Deep down, I knew it was only fear that kept me from speaking in that small window of opportunity.

That scene came back to me when I read today’s Gospel, Luke 19:11-28. When the king passed out the coins, he knew that the third servant was capable of accomplishing the task or he wouldn’t have given him the coin in the first place. It wasn’t the lack of ability that kept the servant from making a profit, it was fear. Fear paralyzed him from taking action.

When the king asked for an accounting from the servants, he was not upset that the second didn’t make as much as the first. He was pleased with the jobs they had done. However, the third servant was reprimanded for not even trying.

God wants us to be bold, but He takes into account our abilities, personalities, and circumstances. Not all of us can travel the country or write eloquent books. However, God has a specific mission with our name on it, and only we can accomplish it. It’s our duty as Catholic women to discover the mission and purpose of our lives.

It can change from season to season, but none of us are exempt from living and sharing the Gospel. We can’t wrap ourselves up like that gold coin and remain hidden.

Sometimes all we can do is prayerfully offer up the daily crosses of our lives, but let’s not be afraid to challenge ourselves. Let’s invite that friend to Mass or pray with them when they are troubled. Let’s host that Blessed Brunch or get involved in a ministry.

The Holy Spirit wants us to be open, docile, and brave so He can produce much fruit through us.

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Bobbi Rol is a wife, mama and blogger living on the Monterey Bay in CA with her husband, teen daughter, and three rambunctious boys. When she is not dodging light sabers or stepping on Legos, she can be found outside with her family, catching a late night movie, or decorating her planner. She is a contributing author to our children’s devotional prayer book, Rise Up. You can find out more about her here.

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