Mary on Saturday

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The church we attend has a portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary hanging on the wall right when you walk in. She looks to be in her mid 40’s with soft wrinkles around her eyes. She is staring off into the distance with the most peaceful look on her face—her mouth pursed in thought. And a great light is shining upon her, illuminating her gentle beauty.

It’s called Mary on Saturday.

What was that Saturday like for her? Yesterday we heard what she witnessed—the torture and death of her child. And today she waits while her Son descends into Hell to bring freedom. Sometimes I wish I could just sit with her at the table, sip a cup of tea, and wait with her in silence. The patience and grace I would witness!

But today we can wait with Mary in our own way. The Catechism states:

73. On Holy Saturday the Church is, as it were, at the Lord’s tomb, meditating on his passion and death, and on his descent into hell, and awaiting his resurrection with prayer and fasting.

It is highly recommended that on this day the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer be celebrated with the participation of the people (cf. n. 40).

Where this cannot be done, there should be some celebration of the Word of God, or some act of devotion suited to the mystery celebrated this day.

74. The image of Christ crucified or lying in the tomb, or the descent into hell, which mystery Holy Saturday recalls, as also an image of the sorrowful Virgin Mary can be placed in the church for the veneration of the faithful.

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Unplug today. Read, quietly do chores, bake, live in silence. Work mindfully while you reflect on what Holy Saturday means. Quiet your heart so you may experience the full joy tomorrow brings.

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