Let Go of Your Rigidity

jan 19th

Jesus was always in the hot spot with the Pharisees. They delighted at any opportunity to criticize him. Today it’s the lack of fasting. Tomorrow it’s the healing people of their sins. And yet He always, of course, has the ultimate comeback, each and every time. When God is with us, we should rejoice! He is here and the old ways are changing fast. He doesn’t fit the old mold. He’s a new cloth, new wine.

What are we in this scenario? I think to my own stubborn legalistic ways. As a child, the fourth of five, I had a finely tuned conscience. Older sister and younger brother playing thumb war at Mass? Oh, you bet I told on them quick as I could. I was all of, what, five years old? Six? Friends drinking in high school? Couldn’t bear to be there. Always the good girl. Always the rule stickler.

And when I had my fair share of mistakes in college and idiocy, self-forgiveness was harder than going to confession. Christ couldn’t be more right (truer words ne’er spoke) when He says that rigid vessels or fabrics don’t take well to change, to newness. Over time, I have learned to be pliable and flexible, through God & my sweet husband’s love. But ask my siblings. I’m still the stick-in-the-mud.

Transport me back to Christ’s time and I’d probably be in the Pharisee’s camp. Too blinded by the rules to see the truth. Too concerned with being right and less concerned with being joyful. Too afraid to make that leap to actually really truly believe that Christ is the Redeemer and redemption is available to me. The Bridegroom is here. Let him soften your heart with love.

Let go of rigidity and love yourself and the other failed people in your life today.

Nell O’Leary is an attorney turned stay-at-home mom to three lovelies. She and her husband live in the great city of Saint Paul. You can find out more about her here.

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