Law Review, Crucifixes, and the Real Gift

“[F]or I myself shall give you a wisdom in speaking that all your adversaries will be powerless to resist or refute” (Luke 21:15).

The smell of recently disinfected classroom wafted through the corridors of the law school. My bare feet stepped quietly as I rushed from upstairs to down, back to my cubby in the law review area. New editor orientation started today. I shuffled papers, stacked them, and grabbed them to accompany me to the room we would meet in.

Maybe you’ve felt this, sister? That adrenaline before you start something fresh, a new relationship, a text that will unfold many more, a first day at work or school. The feeling that how it begins, so it continues.

I scanned the empty room and paced, barefoot still, practicing my warm welcome, my points of enthusiasm, my “leadership” vibe. I sat in the swivel chair behind the podium and turned a time or two, facing the white board.

Nothing I could say or do would really prepare these students. The avalanche of grueling tedious work. The hours of highlighting, microfiching, and the flicker of temptation to skip past the hard parts.

Before I opened the door to greet the first few, the crucifix above the door caught and held my eyes.

The wisdom from Jesus was, at that split moment, that to come from a place of love and establish a trusting relationship would override most of those hard times. To inspire them to work together would flow out of a relationship based on His love. And that? That was a gift that I couldn’t prep, prepare, or plan. Just a gift.

Whether you’re speaking to new friends or old enemies, or the occasional frenemy, ask Jesus for His wisdom, for His love to come. That’s the real foundation for any meaningful communication.

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Nell O’Leary is a recovering lawyer turned blogger, speaker, and sewer of baby goods while tending to her husband and four kiddos in the great city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. She serves as Managing Editor for Blessed is She and can down a hot cocoa in no time flat. Find out more about her here. She is the editor of our Blessed Conversations Series and guide for the Gift of You course

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