Keeping Silent But Praising

Do you ever wonder what you might have said to Jesus if you were in Saint Peter’s shoes? I think I might have sounded a bit like this, “Wait, what? You want me to be what and you’re going to give me what keys? I mean really, Jesus, we should set people straight about who you are. How do they not see who you really are? Why can’t we tell them?

When I take the time to talk to Jesus (you know, when I quiet myself long enough to pray), I do say things like, “Are you sure? Why can’t I tell them what is going on? Why doesn’t she get it, why doesn’t she believe who you are? I should say something!” And then I imagine Jesus looking at me with the same look I give my kids, the look that says, “Trust me. I’ve got this.” He might even remind me that all would be revealed in His time, so yes, tell no one and wait for me to work in your life. Tell no one, because you are talking already to The Someone who matters.

Jesus is telling me this, daily. Daily He calls me to live with trust in Him, and to live faithfully to the tasks at hand. Often I think like Saint Paul, marveling at the wisdom of the Lord, and seriously questioning how all the things work together in the future. I agree with him that God’s ways are unsearchable. And when Saint Paul praises God, saying “to him be glory forever,” I hear him also trusting faithfully in the God of mystery and wonders who always has and always will have it all worked out. (Romans 11:36)

Jesus told the disciples to keep quiet about being the Christ because while God had given Saint Peter insight into Jesus’ full identity, the rest of his followers were not ready for it. Christ’s mission was not yet complete. My mission is still not complete, either. It’s good and right to praise Jesus and give thanks for His work in my life. Yet, the details, the inner workings and yet-to-be-developed plans for my life? I think He wants me to keep a little quieter about those things. It is then that He can work in the stillness and secret of my heart, and accomplish His work in my soul.

I’m learning that we can keep silent as Jesus told Saint Peter, and also praise Him as Saint Paul did. It’s a mysterious balance, made possible by the One who accomplishes all things.

To Him be the glory, for the wonderous things He does. Sing or hum your favorite hymn today, praising Our Lord!

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Gina Fensterer is a Colorado native at heart, but the West Coast beach life suits her just fine. She currently lives in small coastal area of California with her husband and six children. She loves the Jesus prayer, coffee at any time of day, homemade salsa, photography, and sleepy toddler snuggles. You can find out more about her here.

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