Jewels in My Crown

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The Gospel today is a toughie. I envision it as a pep talk given to a athletic team that is slacking or not performing to their full potential, the butt slap you need to get your attention and get you refocused. It’s a call to reflect on our attachment to the material things we hold on to on this earth. We are called to be in the world, but not of it.  Shoot. That’s hard. Really hard. We love our stuff. All of it. But all that stuff, all that busy, all of it can make our hearts drowsy, give us anxiety and ultimately not lead us down the path we intend, which should be towards Heaven. We are asked to have detachment of all things we are given here on earth, in order that we may always have a heavenly perspective, because that is where we need to invest our time, talent, and treasure.

When I was a kid, every time my brother or I would do a good deed that was selfless and most of the time unseen, my mom told us we got a “jewel in our crown in Heaven.” She taught us to have a heavenly perspective. What if our focus shifted from collecting and getting stuff here on earth to having the most blinged-out crown in Heaven as possible? Instead of working our booties off for getting the next big thing (Oh, how I want you iPhone 6) to doing good (unseen) deeds for others, or working in ministry in our spare time, or spending our money for things that have a more eternal impact . . . wow, what would life look like then?! What would the whole world look like then?!

A heavenly perspective keeps us grounded, rooted in truth, and gives us a healthy detachment of the things of this earth. It keeps us alert, vigilant and focused, because nothing, nothing is more important than being in union with Christ. I encourage all of us to give a good stern look at our lives, and decide where our focus is on . . . is it on this earth or in Heaven?! The rushed, fast-paced, and competitive world we live in always wants us to take on more, accomplish more, and do more. More, more, more. But for what? To what end? Maybe we should be radical, and against the grain and decide today . . . What can I quit today, what can I do without, what will I stop doing? Clean out the clutter; choose to be intentional; live for Heaven.

I want my life, my children, and even all my stuff to reflect a life that is being lived for Christ. I want to live every moment on the hunt for opportunities to earn the jewel in my heavenly crown, in hopes that when the day comes and I see Christ face to face He will smile and place a crown fit for a princess of the King on my head.

photo credit: Madeline Hill

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