A Bold and Determined Faith

jan 16th

I remember once someone talking about the fervor of the men who tried to get their friend in to see Jesus.

The room was full, all surrounding them was full of people and they couldn’t get in through any door. Envision that for a minute. There is literally no room. But they had a to find a way. They needed their friend to get in there.

So, naturally, they climbed up onto the roof with their very sick friend, and they removed the roof. That is some boldness right there. That is some tenacity right there. That is some determination.

What does my faith look like in comparison to those men? Am I bold? Am I tenacious? Am I determined?

Hate to break it to you, friends: at most times, no. At most times I’m cowardly or ashamed or I don’t step out of myself to care for others in the ways I know I am beckoned to. Am most times I make excuses for my lack of prayer and my lack of fervor for Him. It’s my season of life, I just don’t have time, and the excuses drone on.

To get their paralytic friend to Jesus, these men broke a roof of the place. Literally. They lowered their friend in to get to the Lord who then proceeded to not only forgive his sins, but to heal his infirmities.

What could the Lord do for me, if I only reached to him in boldness, in fervor and in determination? Forgive my sins, heal my wounds, reason my sufferings, hold me close.

If only I made the time for His word, His presence, His fire to move in me in my life. How easily he would exclaim, “I say to you, rise!”

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Jenna Guizar is the wife to an amazing man and mother to three beautiful little girls. You can find out more about her here.

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