Heal Us, Jesus


I have to confess, dear reader, that I’ve put off writing today’s devotional as long as I possibly could. I will blame it on writer’s block, but the truth is that I’ve been trying to ignore today for many months. Do you ever have a day like that? A day at work or at home that you’d rather just forget about before it even comes.

You see, tomorrow should have been a birthday for someone in my family. It should have been the due date of one of my children, but that will never be. My beautiful little girl joined the communion of saints last summer and my heart still hurts for what could have been; for what tomorrow will not be.

Today will be a hard day for me. Perhaps, dear readers, today is a hard day for you as well. Perhaps that day was yesterday or last week or perhaps it’s still to come. Tonight might be one of the nights when weeping tarries for the night; anyone suffering a loss of any kid can often tell you that the nights are the worst.

I do not write today’s devotion to make you sad. I do not share this to cause you pain. I’m writing today’s devotion to remind us of the promises in today’s readings. To remind us that God does perform miracles, big and small. To remind us that He’s promised that there will be days with no more weeping and no more distress. As the Psalm tells us, our nights may be dark, but joy comes in the morning.

God will draw you up. He will restore you. He will turn your tears into joy, and from our dark nights will come a radiant dawn.

Molly Walter is a wife, mother and homemaker (with a pesky job outside the home).  She shares about making the life she wants with the life she’s been given over here.

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