Getting Back to God

april 10th

Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough to be a Christian. There are some amazing men and women out there doing amazing things. Right now, people are on their road to sainthood and right now Saints are praying for petitions that will become miracles. There are people all around me who are doing this Christian thing a lot better than I am; they pray better, fast better, celebrate better. Perhaps they had a better foundation or a life changing experience and then there’s me.

I have no amazing stories, no inspiring conversion or beautiful, inspiring traditions. I forget to pray and slap together feast days and festivals the night before thanks to the shrine of Pinterest. Some days I wonder if I should give this all up; what kind of church wants to claim a failure like me?

And at the same time I don’t seem to fit in outside of it. The world at large and I don’t see eye-to-eye either. We don’t see the same beauty or weep at the same signs of suffering. It wants more from me than is right, and I don’t believe its promises. However, the world doesn’t really care, and if I cast it off, it shrugs its proverbial shoulder and moves right along. But if rejected, my faith it cries out for me. In fact it seeks out those that have been cast off from the world at larger, the stone over-looked and cast off by others.

God sees what the world cannot. He sees what I cannot see in myself. He sees the beauty and strength in the weakest and most misshapen among us. He would choose each of us who don’t feel like they’re good enough and will build a great work of art from them. You may be chipped and cracked and flawed, but God sees the beauty and strength in you. He’s waiting for the world to be done with you so that He can build something glorious with the exact thing the world will never appreciate.

Get past the world and get back to God.

Molly Walter is a wife, mother and homemaker (with a pesky job outside the home).  She shares about making the life she wants with the life she’s been given over here.

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