Forgive. Forget. Party On.

 jan 28th

In today’s First Reading it talks about Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us and God’s amazing forgiveness for us and our sins. Forgiveness is a tall order and sometimes the hardest thing we as humans can ever do. God gave us not only the greatest gift—Jesus—but also forgave us of all our sin too. That is pretty darn incredible. I do not know about you, but I know I have done many things I shamefully regret and cannot believe I have done, so I am beyond grateful that God has given me a clean slate every time I fall embarrassingly short of what He intends for me.

Something I learned about as a kid is the joy and freedom of forgiveness. Now my mom, she is a smart lady, she taught me and my brother about how to forgive. Whenever my brother or I would do something that required a “I’m Sorry” and a “Please forgive me,” she told us, “Every time you ask for forgiveness or forgive another, Heaven throws a massive party. The angels sing and dance and everyone eats treats. And we must forgive and forget.” So every time we would give heaven the opportunity to party, we also got to party, my mom would let us pick out a treat or a cookie and my brother and I would sit together enjoying the taste of reconciliation.

Surprisingly, we did not abuse the system, but this tangible way of experiencing the joy of what forgiveness can give taught me that forgiveness is not something to be afraid of or fear, but rather rejoice in, practice regularly, and see the freedom it can give you. Why hold on to the pain, when you can let it go and party. God has forgiven us and has forgotten it, can we offer that same courtesy to ourself or to someone else?

Today, do not hold back from Heaven, give heaven an excuse to party. Throw a little party for yourself too and soak in the sweetness of freedom.

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Cassie Kent is a wife, mom to two kiddos, loves to get a little crafty and even throws a monthly party celebrating the beauty of creativity. You can find out more about her here.

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