Falling into the Storm

Why am I terrified, Lord? Because I don’t know the way from here to the ending. I don’t know what fills the pages of my life between the mess of today and the joy of Heaven. I’m terrified because even though I try daily to follow You, I fall. I’m terrified because my faith is little, and I don’t know if I can muster what it takes to become a Saint.

More than a few storms have rocked my life recently, and like the Apostles, I’ve cried out like a terrified child, “Lord, save me! I cannot see the way!” More than once I’ve wondered whether or not the storm would ever end.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it felt like Jesus rebuked the storms in my life, and I could experience the great calm right away? Wouldn’t it be the sign I need—no, want—to see so I could more completely put my trust in the Lord?

I know Jesus hears my plea for help even if my storms don’t always simmer down immediately. The grey skies may linger and the rain continue to drizzle. But the wind does slow to a breeze and gently the sun warms the air as the clouds disappear. Ever so slowly, the storm moves on and the blue skies return.

When the days threaten to overwhelm me, I’m often on my knees begging for Jesus to help me, “Lord, you’ve got this! I give this all over to you; help me with this cross, this struggle.” Maybe my trust truly grows most during the storm. The more I place my trust in Him, hoping and knowing that Jesus will see me through the struggles, the more my heart turns to Him and the less I rely on myself.

On days when the storm is a distant memory, do I still cry out in prayer to the Lord? Do I still trust in Him? Do I praise Him?

Lord, teach me to trust in you all the days of my life, never placing too much confidence in my own abilities. Help me trust that you have planned the way, will calm the storms, and will lift me when I fall.

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Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Can you pray this with me today?

Gina Fensterer is a Colorado native at heart, but the West Coast beach life suits her just fine. She currently lives in small coastal area of California with her husband and six children. She loves the Jesus prayer, coffee at any time of day, homemade salsa, photography, and sleepy toddler snuggles. You can find out more about her here.

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    July 4, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    This is my prayer every day

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