Eyes to See Like Simeon

Have you ever known anyone who has a great ability to clearly see and recognize things for what they really are? Do you know anyone who has the ability to essentially see when God is present in beauty, truth, goodness or in the people around her?

Today we celebrate the feast of the Presentation when the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph presented Baby Jesus in the temple. When Simeon sees Baby Jesus he recognizes Him as the Messiah and praises God for this great gift. I’m wondering how Simeon knew that the baby brought to the temple was Jesus Christ the Messiah. Simeon had probably seen many families and many babies throughout his lifetime come to the temple to perform that same custom and sacrificial offering.

What was it about this Child that was different? How did Simeon see and know that this baby was the Christ?

Perhaps it was Simeon’s deep life in the Spirit that gave him such sight to allow to recognize the presence of God before him. The Holy Spirit had revealed to Simeon that he would not die before seeing the Messiah, and upon beholding Jesus Simeon proclaims, “My eyes have seen your salvation.” (Luke 2:30) He knows and proclaims that this baby is Jesus the Savior.

I want to be able to see like Simeon and be able to recognize when God is present. I want the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to God’s saving power in the beauty, truth and goodness around me. Even in the little ways of daily life such as a phone call from a friend, a beautiful encounter with nature, the presence of a loved one, an encouraging word, a danger averted, or a prayer answered, I want to be able to recognize God’s presence. Like Simeon, may the Holy Spirit open our eyes to see and recognize when and how Jesus and the presence of the Holy Family show up in our lives.

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Take a few moments to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to you today. Ask Him to open your heart to encounter His presence. Then, like Simeon, can you share with a friend perhaps one way in which God shows up in your life today?

Mary Catherine Craige enjoys spending her time creating art, writing, and playing her Irish harp. She uses her experience as a Montessori teacher and catechist to serve young children through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. As a life coach, she encourages and challenges women in all walks of life to more deeply discover their purpose and live their full potential. You can find out more about her here.

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    Melissa Lizon
    February 2, 2018 at 8:43 am

    Beautiful and on point for me. Thank you so much!

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