Are We Fully Alive, All Together?

“The glory of God is a human being fully alive!” (Saint Ireneaus)

Self-care is a topic that’s often talked about in today’s world. It’s probably safe to say you’ve heard that your body functions best when it is well cared for. Taking mental breaks, eating healthfully, and trying for eight solid hours of sleep result in our bodies working so much better. As a mama of four wild and rambunctious boys who don’t believe in sleep, I know full well that routine self-care is a lofty goal but also reachable if I make it a priority.

(I also am aware that when you eat one scoop too much of ice cream, your whole body becomes sluggish, or that exercising for the first time in a while heightens your awareness of every muscle in your body.)

Today’s reading from Ephesians 4:7-16 discusses the Mystical Body of Christ (those of us who in the Church here on Earth as well as those in Purgatory and Heaven). With Christ at its head, and Mary as its neck, we are all endowed with special grace to function as one body. In the same way our body reacts to overdoses of sugar or an overworked muscle, the Body of Christ is connected.

My ungrateful attitude or backhanded comment can and often hurts more than just myself. It’s often painfully apparent when I realize my family is bickering and whining more frequently, or when I hear something out of my eight year old’s mouth that I realize I said first. How I choose to act, speak, and listen or when I refrain from doing has a wide-reaching effect.

Sisters, we are created for community and unity, “joined and held together by every supporting ligament with the proper functioning of each part, [which] brings about the Body’s growth and builds itself up in love” (Ephesians 4:16).

The Church isn’t a do-gooders club with renewable membership for if and when we “feel like it,” merely living separate lives and getting together as it benefits us. It’s the living and breathing Body of Christ. Daily we strive to become Saints, not only working on our own salvation, but building up those around us so that all are strengthened. Let’s focus on growing in faith AND helping each other be fully alive!

Daily we strive to become Saints, not only working on our own salvation, but building up those around us so that all are strengthened. Click To Tweet

What does that even look like? Community is key, and I’m so thankful to Blessed is She for providing routes to that, so each of us has the opportunity to grow alongside one another. Check our Blessed Brunch listings and see one nearby that you can attend! No? Sign up to host one! This is one simple way you can work towards growing in unity with your sisters in His Body.

Sarah Ortiz is a Catholic convert, wife, and mother to four boys. When not folding laundry, she can be found reading, experimenting in the kitchen, or writing at her blog. You can find out more about her here.

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