A Slice (or Heap) of Humble Pie

When I first came to a personal relationship with Jesus in my early twenties, I went about it in a backwards and not-very-loving manner at times.

I was very self-righteous and legalistic, with lots of moral pride. I took a cut-and-dry, black-and-white approach to both situations and people. As I go deeper into my relationship with Jesus, I have had to ask for forgiveness for those instances when I was harsh and judgmental instead of loving and pastoral.

Jesus points out in today’s Gospel that humility deeply matters in the life of a disciple. He reminds those gathered for a dinner party that the proud will be humbled and the lowly be will exalted. (See Luke 14:11.) One of the things that most strikes me about Jesus’ parable about the dinner party is how He offers an open invitation to everyone who would have otherwise been excluded.

At this banquet of honor, all are invited showing us the truth of each person’s dignity and worth. The people invited into the place of honor are looked upon by the world as “less than,” the undesirables, the people who did not quite fit the mold. (See Luke 14:14.)

We certainly do not agree with everyone in our lives or online; just pick any topic! Maybe to stay in relationship with others, we need to eat a small (or heaping) slice of humble pie.

Looking at our own hearts, let us repent for the times our pride has led us to disinvite or disengage with people different than us or who hold a differing perspective.

The Kingdom of Heaven has room enough for all of us!

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Let us pray the litany of humility to deepen our understanding of this beautiful virtue.

Patty Breen is a full-time lay minister who finds joy in running, strong cups of coffee, and all things Ignatian spirituality. A Midwestern gal from the mitten state, she is constantly learning to find grace in all things. She is passionate about ministry, writing, a great lipstick color, and smiling is her favorite. Find out more about her here.

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