Peace Has a Name // 2022 Advent for Kids

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This year’s theme is about preparing our hearts during Advent for the Prince of Peace, Jesus, to bring us His peace this Christmas. Our children’s book, Peace Has a Name, offers fun and spiritually enriching activities ranging from answering questions about the Scripture passages to learning about the Sacraments and the Catechism. The coloring and interactive pages aim to help children grow in their familiarity with the richness of our Faith.

  • Sundays we learn more about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass through a fun activity.
  • Mondays we focus on deepening our faith by reading a Saint quote on faith and stating our prayer intentions.
  • Tuesdays we pray by reading one and writing our own prayer.
  • Wednesdays we color and learn about the Sacraments.
  • Thursdays we ask for peace.
  • Fridays we read Scripture and one kid’s takeaway, adding our own and answering a question.
  • Saturdays we color, memorize a prayer passage from Scripture, and write it out.

Our Theological Editor, Susanna Spencer, has checked over everything to ensure it is correctly in-line with Church teaching. Made with love for the children you love. Suitable for boys and girls ages 6-12.

Meditations: Nell O’Leary and Susanna Spencer

Weekly activities: Nell O’Leary and Jenna Guizar

Weekly questions: Kendra Tierney’s daughter: Anita, Jenna Guizar’s daughter: Cecilia, Leana Bowler’s daughters: Mailani, Kaulia, and Naleiah, and Nell O’Leary’s children: James and Maureen

Design by Michelle Slough

Project managed by Jenna Guizar

Photos by Therese Westby and Katie Waldow