Light of Mercy Candle

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Welcome an inspiring reminder of mercy into your home with the Light of Mercy Candle! Our 7.5-ounce 100% beeswax candle uses lavender and cedarwood essential oils to create a gentle, fragrant aroma - the perfect accompaniment for your reminder of our call to practice spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

When you light your Light of Mercy Candle, let it remind you that small gestures can bring about a much-needed change in others’ lives. Whether it’s visiting someone sick, offering clothing or food to those lacking possessions, or praying with others suffering, not one bit of kindness we offer goes unnoticed. Through our works of mercy, His light shines!

And we haven’t forgotten about those eager to dig deeper into their understanding of these Biblical principles: grab our Blessed Conversations study as the ideal companion to this transformative candle. It provides detailed discussions and easy-to-follow questions to help everyone gain greater insight into their Christian faith journey.

Express your desire to spread love through kindness and grace today with the Light of Mercy Candle!

Product Features

  • Carry out the works of mercy with this beautiful candle
  • 100% beeswax for a natural and long-lasting flame
  • Comes with a complimentary Blessed Conversations study guide
  • Essential oils provide a soothing fragrance