New Wine // Lent 2023 Devotional


Enter into Lent prepared for transformation. In this new liturgical devotion, New Wine, you are invited to pray with the theme of being crushed as a grape to be made into wine. Meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, pray with corresponding Scripture passages, enter into our writer’s stories, and sit with sacred art. Pray a guided Rosary weekly and chant the Salvete Christi Vulnera hymn. Let this be the Lent you are transformed by Our Crucified Lord.

The crushing and the pressing and clarifying are making us new. You are becoming new wine. In your suffering, in your pain, in your sorrow, He is making you new. // Jenna Guizar

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Ash Wednesday week // Change // shedding the old wineskins 
Week 1 // Surrender // the harvesting
Week 2 // Anguish // the crushing
Week 3 // Torment // the pressing
Week 4 // Humiliation // the fermenting
Week 5 // Carrying // the clarifying
Holy Week // Sacrifice // the aging
Easter Octave // New Life // becoming the New Wine

Sundays // We sit with a long Scripture passage for the Mystery of the Rosary and theme for the week and ponder two questions.
Mondays // We pray the ancient prayer of lectio divina, slowly savoring a portion of Sacred Scripture from our Sunday offering. 
Tuesdays // We hear from our story tellers about when they were pressed and experienced struggles according to the week’s theme.
Wednesdays // We pray visio divina, spending time in prayer with sacred art in the form of stained glass windows from around the world.
Thursdays // We hear from our story tellers about when they experienced the new wine, the transformation of God’s will in their lives according to the week’s theme.
Fridays // We pray a Rosary (while taking a walk if you are able to) while offering your prayers and uniting your suffering with Christ’s as a sacrifice for a particular person or intention. 
Saturdays // We pray over a special translation just for our readers of the Salvete Christi Vulnera hymn, meaning “Hail, Holy Wounds of Christ.” It is a traditional hymn prayed at  Lauds (Morning Prayer) on the Feast of the Most Precious Blood in the Traditional Roman Breviary.

Essays by Claire Dwyer, Rocio Hermes, Bella Rol, Susanna Spencer, Dr. MaryRuth Hackett, Debra Herbeck, Megan Hjelmstad, and Beth Davis
Introduction by Jenna Guizar
Edited by Nell O’Leary JD and Susanna Spencer MA in Theology
Questions by Beth Davis
Design by Michelle Slough.

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