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Today we are talking about FAMILY.

February is the month in which the Church commemorates the Holy Family. As we close out this month, let’s chat a bit about family and it’s importance in our lives. As St. John Paul the Great often reminded us: “the future of humanity depends on marriage and the family.” 

Welcome to the #BISsisterhood link-up. Every Thursday, we get together as one community to share our hearts. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Link-up a post that goes with the weekly theme.
  • Share your thoughts of the theme on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook using #BISsisterhood so we can see each other’s posts.
  • Comment below with your thoughts on the prompt.

Basically, let’s talk to each other. Remember to use #BISsisterhood so we can all communicate well with each other out in the social media world.

And if you are into planning ahead, we’re happy to announce the themes for March this week!
March 5: SACRIFICE — March 12: RECONCILIATION — March 19: TRUST — March 26: OBEDIENCE

Here is the button to our link-up that you are more than welcome to place on your blog, share on your social media, and/or save for a rainy day.

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